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10/23/96 Fruita, CO. Jack Kemp in Fruita Colorado for a campaign speech. He spoke at Valley Livestock Auction and Cow Town Cafe owned by Larry and Glenna Thomas (standing behind him).

AP Photo: Mickey Krakowski

4-10-98 Fruita, CO Devils Canyon Learning Center. Fred Espinosa , a maintanence man, knocks a couple of million years worth of dust off of one of the exhibits a Thalassassomedon. Devils Canyon has models of Dinosaurs that move and make sounds.

Denver Post Photo: Mickey Krakowski

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2-19-96 Fruita, Co.  Edgar Muhr, a feed corn farmer in Fruita, paints an elk sculpture he carved out of a piece of wood. In the off season when there is no field work, Edgar either carves sculpuptures, repairs cameras or travels to South America to photograph wild birds with the Audobon Society.

Daily Sentinel Photo: Mickey Krakowski

10-10-98 Zillah, WA. "Get gassed at the Teapot" Dick Thomas puts some new paint on his Teapot Dome Service Station. The station is located at Exit 54 on I 82 south of Yakima. The station was built in 1922 by Jack Ainsworth and was named the Teapot Dome, Wyoming oil lease scandal. Dick Thomas is the third owner. His father purchased the Teapot from Ainsworth and then sold it to his son in the 60's. The station was moved to it's current location from 1 1/2 miles away when the Interstate was being built in 1977.

AP Photo: Mickey Krakowski

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