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8-14-98 Olathe, CO. Olathe Corn Festival,  "Tiny" Dan Parker shucks corn during the corn shucking contest at todays corn festival. Tiny won by shucking 93 ears of corn in two minutes. Dissappointed when they took away his shucked corn, tiny said that he thought he would get to eat all of them too.

Denver Post Photo: Mickey Krakowski

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2-20-99 Grand Junction, CO. Donna Henni practices CPR methods taught at a clinic being held at the Grand Mesa Middle School today. Donnas husband had a mild heart attack 6 years ago and she felt that it was neccessary for her to take the class. The clinic is being sponsored by the Healthy Heart Coalition , Mesa County Emergency Medical Services and the Colorado West chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. 500 people had pre-registered for the class and about 700 are expected to attend todays classes.

Denver Post Photo: Mickey Krakowski

3-12-99 Grand Junction, CO Grand Junction fireman, Steve Reynolds tries out a new pair of Cairns Iris, infrared imaging system goggles. He is looking for hot spots that might still be cumbusting but are not visible to the eye. The system sees heat, not light (unlike night vision scopes that amplify light). The fire department now has one on every engine. The equipment was donated by Grand Junction newcomer Rob Dixson.

Denver Post Photo: Mickey Krakowski

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2-24-98 Ridgeway, Colorado. John Billings with some of the 225 grammys that he makes yearly for the grammy awards.  John learned how to make the awards from his neighbor while living in Southern California.  When his mentor retired, John took on the responsibility for manufacturing the Grammys.

Denver Post Photo: Mickey Krakowski

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